My Fellow Motocross Enthusiast!

What’s up guys! Blata here and wanted to give you a quick breakdown on me and a buddies recent adventure. So, I have a friend named John who is an arborist and happens to run a tree service company out in McKinney Texas, called Tree Service Pros of McKinney. He’s a great friend that I do a lot with during my free time. Recently, we went to a motocross event, and while there he told me a little more about the kind of work he does for people.

John first told me about how people try to work on their trees themselves and generally end up making a mistake or two that causes problems. For instance, if someone tries to trim a tree and they do it wrong, they could kill the whole tree or a big part of it. You have to have a professional come out to help with the job because they know how trees work and what it takes to treat them well. John is able to do tree related work well because he’s seen it all while owning his tree service business.

When I was with John at the motocross event, I also asked him about what the prices were on his services. I wanted to know whether or not this was something anyone with a tree or two that needed help could afford. Basically, he gave me a rundown of what cost what and I found out that it’s cheaper to get tree related assistance sooner rather than waiting for it. For instance, he told me that if a tree is diseased, it’s better to treat it sooner rather than waiting for it to die because removing it would cost more than treating it. I think he actually offers someh tips and videos.

My friend John…I’m glad he’s able to help so many people who have trees in their yards. A tree is not just something you can let anyone work on because it takes a professional to do the job right.

The Excitement of Motocross Events

The fun and excitement of motocross events lie in the fact that these are freestyle motorcycle riding events that are held in venues around off-road locations. It is very popular as an event in Australia and the united kingdom along with some other countries in Europe as well.

There are some international MX events and tournaments that are held as well where countries compete with each other for the championship.

The chief source of entertainments of the MX events come from the fact that most of the events are based on freestyle motorcycle racing and stunts. These are marked by the skill and expertise of the riders who drive bikes with great control and precision.

There are different styles of the performances that are seen at various tournaments that are held in a year of motocross events.

International Motocross Tournaments

There are several organized ticket events that are held as part of the international level tournaments in motocross sports.

FIM Motocross World Championship – This is mainly held in European countries. However, it has been held in Australia, Japan, and Indonesia as well. There are 3 classes of the events mainly MX1, MX2, and MX3.
AMA Motocross Championships – This event continues from May to September with twelve rounds of the events that are carried out in different track venues of the United States of America.

Motocross des Nations – This event that has participants from across different nations of the world has been held in a number of countries like the UK, USA, and Belgium. This is usually held towards the end of the year. There are 3 types of events like MX1 and MX2 apart from the Open style.

Motocross Events in Australia

Motocross events are very popular in Australia. Apart from the participation of the Australian riders in international tournaments, there are several events that are held in various venues of Australia for the heavy following of the enthusiasts in the sport.

There are events that are organized for both junior level participants that include the age group of 15 to 18. Then there are other events that are sketched out for the seniors as well.

There are various coaching camps that are held for the juniors as well. This is aimed at coaching youngsters who are interested in the arena of freestyle biking and racing events as well.

Ticket Events

There are several professional level and amateur level motocross events that are organized in Australia owing to its popularity and fan following among racing enthusiasts.

The sporting event tickets are available at the venue and through online booking as well. The latter may save you time and possibility of facing a total sell out when you can book them online and be safe about your entry.

Apart from booking of event tickets, Australian websites will also provide details of the events and timings of the different championships as well.

Motocross Events in Australia – For Those Who Seek the Thrill

Motocross as a sport was first developed in France but has rapidly caught on the world over. Australians are known for their love of the sport, especially adventure sports, hence it’s of little surprise that Motocross is lapped up with enthusiasm here. Events are held across the country throughout the year on different circuits like dirt tracks and indoor arenas. Such events attract huge crowds all over the country and are a huge draw with the youth.

Motocross racing provides edge-of-the-seat excitement for every moment of the race. Adrenaline junkies especially look forward to the thrill of racing.

Motorcycling Australia, the governing body for Motocross Events draws out a calendar of races for the entire year. If you love the sport you can organize your schedule accordingly to go for the races taking place in your area.

Some of the important Motocross races held in Australia are:

  • Motocross Championship.
  • Quad Motocross Championship.
  • Junior and Veterans’ Motocross.
  • Evolution Motocross Championship.
  • Classic Motocross Championship.
  • Women’s MX Championship.

There are several rounds held within each of these championships, which means there are enough races for everyone to witness and enjoy.

The sport has been going through major revamp in the last few years because of spectator interest. Organizers are doing their best to make modifications to the existing model of sport to make it more exciting to viewers.

The sport has a devoted fan following including women and it’s only growing from strength to strength.

As a spectator, although you can enjoy a race in front of your television screen, nothing can beat the experience of watching it live in an arena. The adrenaline rush that you experience amidst fellow racing enthusiasts when you watch bikers perform daredevilry is indescribable.

No wonder there is a clamor for Motocross Event Tickets In Australia. Tickets for the races can be bought at the racing venue or from designated ticket vendors. You can also buy your tickets online with relative ease and make sure you don’t miss your chance to attend these races.

Advantages of buying racing tickets online:

Tickets for Motocross races are made available way before the racing season begins. You can choose the event you would like to go do depending on your schedule.

Booking tickets online save you the trouble of standing in queues at the venue on the day of the race. It averts the disappointment if you miss out on the ticket on the race day as they get booked days in advance.

By booking early you can choose the area of the arena where you would like to sit and enjoy the best view of the race.

Most viewers prefer to be seated near the finishing line and you can accomplish that by booking early.

You can benefit from special deals offered for group bookings or for tickets for a series of events.

Motocross racing provides you with thrills and is definitely not for armchair sports enthusiasts.

Motocross Gears – Be Safe and Sportive

Motocross gear is used usually during a speed race (car race, bike race and sometimes even in a bicycle race). Motocross accessories assure better safety to the participants. The accessories are not just for safety but for most participants, it is a style statement. Neck braces, shoes, kinky helmets, flux kits, leather boots, leather jackets, funky MX clothing, et cetera.

Motocross gear is used by all racers and adventure sportsmen for better safety and they are normally not allowed to carry on with their race if they’re not well geared with the needed motocross accessories that would provide them with safety.

Motocross accessories include:

  • Helmets with customized engravings and drawing
  • Neck and knee braces
  • Shoes, leather boots
  • MX clothing
  • Flux kits that include all motocross gears
  • Protective jackets
  • Racing car or bike parts or added boosters

Thus, while describing a motocross accessory we need to understand how its first function is to act as safety gear and then as a style statement. It is mandatory to use a motocross gear and Mx clothing while speed racing. Providing a fashion statement, the one followed by many across the world and while doing so gaining safety in the hands of these gears and accessories is what the motocross gears do.

These motocross gears can be bought from a motocross store. Motocross stores sell all kinds of adventure gears like goggles, bike wheel kit, toolkit, racing gears, et cetera.


A motocross store sells motocross accessories and motocross gears along with several stylish gadgets (like customized speedometers, dust resistant watches, et cetera). Customized items usually cost more than the rest, like; helmets or jackets come for around $233 and $300 respectively. The goggles and customized jerseys are less expensive as they come for around $65 and $29 respectively. For bikers, jerseys made up of stretch microfiber are a reliable option as it is enabled with best possible moisture absorption. Women’s Mx packages start at a price of $79.95. This is a much cheaper price if ordered online while the retail price is a lot higher at $139.65.

Leading Manufacturers

Some of the leading manufacturers of motocross accessories and gears are Alpine stars, Gaerne, Leatt Brace, No Fear, Oakley, Ogio, Scott, Shift, SiDi, Sixsixone, Thor, and Troy Lee Designs. Most of the companies manufacture Mx packages for women also. Their products include accessories for all adventure sports including skiing, cycling, bike racing, and a car race.

Therefore, we humbly hope the information provided to you in this article would help you figure out where to buy your motocross accessories from now on. Keep it stylish!