What’s up guys! Blata here and wanted to give you a quick breakdown on me and a buddies recent adventure. So, I have a friend named John who is an arborist and happens to run a tree service company out in McKinney Texas, called Tree Service Pros of McKinney. He’s a great friend that I do a lot with during my free time. Recently, we went to a motocross event, and while there he told me a little more about the kind of work he does for people.

John first told me about how people try to work on their trees themselves and generally end up making a mistake or two that causes problems. For instance, if someone tries to trim a tree and they do it wrong, they could kill the whole tree or a big part of it. You have to have a professional come out to help with the job because they know how trees work and what it takes to treat them well. John is able to do tree related work well because he’s seen it all while owning his tree service business.

When I was with John at the motocross event, I also asked him about what the prices were on his services. I wanted to know whether or not this was something anyone with a tree or two that needed help could afford. Basically, he gave me a rundown of what cost what and I found out that it’s cheaper to get tree related assistance sooner rather than waiting for it. For instance, he told me that if a tree is diseased, it’s better to treat it sooner rather than waiting for it to die because removing it would cost more than treating it. I think he actually offers someh tips and videos.

My friend John…I’m glad he’s able to help so many people who have trees in their yards. A tree is not just something you can let anyone work on because it takes a professional to do the job right.